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Kitchen Remodel

The one room everyone shares and the heart of your home!

Is your kitchen getting smaller as your family is getting larger?  Do you want to prepare a meal with your partner but it’s not big enough for two people to work in?  How about the flow of the space, do you enjoy cooking, baking and entertaining in the current layout?  Are your cabinets and appliances deteriorating and you need an intervention?  It could very functional and just need a few cosmetic changes such as countertops and hardware to become more attractive.  Or plain and simple… you may just want a change. 


Everyone gathers in the kitchen – serving as a workplace and family room.

Today’s kitchens not only prepare meals but they are the hub for living and entertaining!   This newly redesigned space can provide additional space for entertaining, food preparation, storage ideas as well as a wide selection of finishes.  Imagine energy efficient or commercial appliances, additional countertop space, task and ambient lighting, natural materials such as granite, marble, wood, and cabinetry that blends stained and painted cabinet finishes.

According to Remodeling Magazine 2017 Cost vs Value (provide link) report a kitchen remodel can provide a ROI (return of investment) ranging from 65.3% (minor remodel) - 80.2% (major remodel).  This is the most cost-efficient renovation to do in a home. 

Through this process, we can take your goals, ideas, and budget and turn the room seasoned with love as the area to enjoy for you, your family and friends for many years and add value to your home!

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What do I do next?

In the mean time, you can...

  • Develop a wish list.  What do you want to do in this space?  Write it down, sketch it out, and brainstorm...what if?…how about?
  • Develop an idea book.  Houzz is a great place to start.  
  • Establish a budget.  Check out the Cost vs. Value Report is a great resource.  

We strive to deliver your dream project, on time, on budget!

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