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Bathroom Remodel

A place to rejuvenate, refresh, soak, soothe, unwind, dream, bathe.

Imagine beginning or ending your day in your dream bathroom where you can close the door to find some tranquil peace to gather your thoughts.  Today’s products and finishes can provide so much for your senses from the heated maintenance free natural stone tiles at your feet, the spa options in showers and tubs, along with the privacy of toilet rooms and cabinetry all work together to provide this tranquility.  All these options and elements can be considered and incorporated into your bathroom remodel.

What are you trying to achieve?   

Each project is different depending on the goals and your budget.

The three top reasons bathrooms are remodeled are:

  • An updated look.  Some bathrooms just need cosmetic changes; such as new fixtures, painting, and lighting.  Others may need to be completely redesigned by relocating fixtures and expanding the space into adjacent rooms.    
  • Better function and more storage.  New or relocating the fixtures to more environmentally and ergonomically friendly, design options such as toilet rooms that make a master bath much more accommodating for two people, as well as products that are almost maintenance free.  This level of remodel may likely entail gutting the space, possibly rearranging the fixtures and rerouting plumbing.
  • Resale value.  Do a little research on what are the latest trends potential buyers might want, below are some great links.  Not only will updating your bathroom provide you with emotional and aesthetic benefits but according to Remodeling Magazine 2017 Cost vs Value (provide link) report a bathroom remodel can provide a 64.8% ROI (return of investment)! 
Our process will create the space that you’ve dreamed of!

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What do I do next?

In the mean time, you can...

  • Develop a wish list.  What do you want to do in this space?  Write it down, sketch it out, and brainstorm...what if?…how about?
  • Develop an idea book.  Houzz is a great place to start.  
  • Establish a budget.  Check out the Cost vs. Value Report is a great resource.  

We strive to deliver your dream project, on time, on budget!

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