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Basement Remodel

The underutilized space below your home.

Do you want to get rid of the dark, damp, cold and underutilized space and turn it into light filled, comfortable and livable space for your family and friends to enjoy?  A basement project can dramatically improve its value and quality of living for your family.  According to Remodeling Magazine 2017 Cost vs. Value Report, a basement remodel can provide a 70% ROI (return of investment)!  Since the foundation, walls, and mechanicals are existing, the cost to finish this space is significantly less costly than building an addition to your home.  We’re experts in resolving the common issues such as dark, cold, damp, cluttered, and underutilized space that are so frustrating for homeowners.

Comfortable space for you and your family

Each project is different.  Some basements are new and ready to be finished, others have structural, water and ventilating issues that need to be addressed first.  We look at each projects’ specific issues and goals. We develop a budget by understanding these key components, then develop a plan.  The design may involve: waterproofing, heating/ventilating systems modifications/upgrades, use of lighting technics/products, color options, audio/visual systems, flooring, storage ideas, and space planning - just to name a few. Through this process, we can take your goals, ideas, and budget to turn your dark, damp, cluttered space and turn it into a bright, cozy, and inviting area for you your family and friends to enjoy for many years, all while adding value to your home!

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What do I do next?

In the mean time, you can...

  • Develop a wish list.  What do you want to do in this space?  Write it down, sketch it out, and brainstorm...what if?…how about?
  • Develop an idea book.  Houzz is a great place to start.  
  • Establish a budget.  Check out the Cost vs. Value Report is a great resource.  

We strive to deliver your dream project, on time, on budget!

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