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Preconstruction phase

The signing of the contract begins the preconstruction phase.  During this time a Gantt chart is developed, materials and products are ordered, subcontractors are notified and building permits are pulled.  A Gantt chart is a timeline which shows what will be happening, when it will start and be completed and who will be working on your project.  Here is an example:

Sweeney Gantt Chart

Approximately one week prior to starting your project our team will meet with you on-site to review all aspects of the project.  We will discuss the dumpster location, storage of materials, timelines, contacts, and steps to protect non-construction areas of your home from construction dust and debris.  These steps are designed to ensure a project delivered on time and on budget. 

Dust protection phase

Proper containment of dust during the demolition phase is an important component of the demolition.  Dust not properly contained enters into your home’s HVAC system and can spread throughout the home in the air, onto floors, furniture, and personal items.  Proper dust protection takes time, innovative materials and equipment to safeguard your health and our employees’ health as well as your property.  Below are a few important areas which we address:
Providing dust barriers at all entry points of the construction zone.

Sweeney Dust Protection

Providing HEPA fans that extract the dust out of the construction area, they can remove up to 90% at the point of generation.
Installing filters or sealing returns of the HVAC systems

LEAD paint certification, which allows each of our carpenters to know the proper steps to containing and addressing any lead paint that may be in the home.  

Demolition phase

Once the dust protection and containment systems have been installed the actual demolition begins.  Subcontractors (plumbers, HVAC, and electricians) disconnect fixtures, our carpenters remove trim, cabinetry, drywall, and framing.  

Construction phase 

During the construction phase your project begins to take shape; new framing and mechanicals are installed, drywall and painting are completed, tile and flooring installed, along with trim, cabinetry and finishes.  Depending on the size of your project weekly meetings are held with you and our team. During this time, the Gantt chart is reviewed to ensure the project is on schedule and any issues or changes that have arisen since the start are discussed. 

Final Walkthrough

Very shortly after you’ve settled into your new space we will set up a final walkthrough.  During this meeting we will discuss how the new space is working for you and your family as well as make sure the punch list has been completed.  This gives the you the homeowner, piece of mind knowing that Sweeney Construction will finish the job and stand behind our work!

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