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You’ve been lying awake at night dreaming about a new space in addition to saving photos of the spaces you love into your Ideabooks and folders for weeks, months and probably years!  After leafing through countless look books you’ve found your style and have created a project wish list. Now you’re ready to get started. Where do you begin?

The design could be referred to as the “recipe” for the project.  It’s the scope (the extent of the area or subject matter that something deals with (room or rooms that are effected) and finishes (carpet, tile, doors, windows etc.).   

Do all projects begin with Design?

If the project scope entails moving walls, adding walls, an addition, or re-configuring the space you will need a complete set of construction documents.  If you are leaving the walls, cabinetry and fixtures in their current location only replacing with new “finishes” then you will design specifications.

Our design team can assist you in navigating through all decisions within the design phase.  After the initial scope and budget are aligned and finalized, we then determine the type of design needed.  We will assemble the professionals needed to develop the type of design documents for your project.  These professionals may be surveyors, licensed architects, structural engineers, architectural/interior designers and trade professionals which provide the specific expertise within their specialty for your project.  There is a design contract developed that details the scope and costs for developing the documents.

What are construction documents? Sweeney Design Plans

The construction documents are a very detailed set of documents that detail the entire scope of the project.  These documents can consist of surveys, floor plans, sections, callouts, elevations, cabinetry, finishes etc.  They serve the following roles and contribute to the overall success of the project.

  • Used to accurately compare “apples to apples” when getting multiple prices from different companies.
  • Compile all details (including flooring, tile, trim, doors, windows) for all trades in a single document that is used for pricing and construction. 
  • List construction details for structural framing and finish details for the carpenters.
  • Can be used to understand how furniture will fit within a space. Similarly, can show 3D views of a new space.
  • Required in order to legally perform certain projects. Municipalities will not issue building permits without design documents if the scope entails moving walls, adding walls, additions, changes to floorplans.

What are design specifications?Sweeney Basement Redesign

The design specifications are the details such as color, model, size, etc. of the products and finishes that will be used in the project.  These details are assembled and used in the subcontractor walkthrough, developing the contract and for the construction of the actual project.  Some people are very comfortable in the selection of these products others would like the assistance of an interior designer.  The design specifications are also part of the complete set of construction documents.

What’s next after the design is completed?

Subcontractor walkthrough

After the construction documents are completed we schedule a subcontractor walkthrough meeting at your home.  During this meeting our team of subcontractors, with construction documents in hand, address, collaborate, and resolve potential construction issues before the actual construction begins.  By doing this collaborative meeting we are able to present a thorough and accurate contract as well as minimize, if not eliminate altogether, costly change orders (additions or changes to a fixed price contract) and scheduling delays once the project is under way.  Our commitment to your budget and timeline is paramount to the project’s success.


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